Fixing sparse eyebrow

Are you tired of your sparse eyebrow?

Every morning is a struggle with your eyebrows and you feel like you have to work wonders? We have come up with our sparse eyebrow filling service for you!

Our eyebrows are an important part of our appearance, as they give the face a frame, but many of us are either not born with thick eyebrows, the hairs are too light, or they have become sparse for some external reason. However, a beautiful eyebrow can highlight our best features. That is why we have designed this service, so that you can be satisfied with your eyebrows again!

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There are several reasons for sparse eyebrows

Sparse eyebrows can be caused by:








or they can thin over the years with advancing age

In such cases, neither the stronger soft-powder or ombré technique, nor the airy microblading provide flattering solutions. The former is because of its stark character, and the latter precisely because of its subtlety.

The perfect solution is the hyperrealistic-hybrid technique, which means that we create a lighter background for the eyebrows, giving it a subtle character, and then place the strokes that makes it look natural.

 Why make-up tattoo is the best solution for sparse eyebrows?

permanent make-up provides a long-term solution to your problem


unlike permanent dyeing, it does not harm existing eyebrow hairs

creates a more natural effect than make-up or dyeing

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Mapping out the design

Mapping out the design is a particularly complex process since the eyebrow line and the tattooed hairs must be placed together with the real eyebrow hairs so that they result in a natural-looking, three-dimensional effect. Fortunately, Wings Beauty’s permanent make-up artists have years of experience and expertise in the most modern permanent make-up techniques.

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