Dermapen treatment

Dermapen treatment

– complete facial skin renewal –

Visible results in a short time!

Many of us struggle with the problem that with time our skin loses its old elasticity and its youthful glow, the skin becomes dull, or perhaps bears the traces of teenage acne in the form of scars on the face. The Mesotica® DermaPen treatment provides a professional, high-quality cosmetological solution to these problems. During the treatment, the skin undergoes a transformation and renewal that boosts circulation and fills the face with freshly produced collagen. As a result of the treatment, we use the skin’s own healing and regenerating mechanism to correct skin imperfections, just like when a wound on our hand heals completely. The skin is tightened, wrinkles are plumped up and the former bright blush returns.

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What is a dermapen treatment?

The treatment begins with a consultation where our specialist takes the customer’s medical history. We ask our patients detailed questions; when the skin defects appeared, if they have had any treatment before, we ask them about illnesses and allergies.

After thorough cleansing and skin preparation, we anaesthetise the area that we are about to treat with a cream containing lidocaine.
During the treatment, we use the DermapPen to make small, 1-2 mm needle punctures on the skin. The needle punctures are so small that they do not leave visible wounds on the skin and do not cause pain either. However, our skin perceives these punctures as wounds and starts its own healing mechanism producing collagen. Collagen is the basic building block of our skin, and the treatment fundamentally renews the skin. The freshly produced collagen fills in skin imperfections, the vascular structure is rejuvenated. During the treatment we use special medical grade MESOTICA® serums to stimulate skin regeneration. After the treatment, a skin-soothing mask helps the skin to regenerate.

The treatment must be repeated 3-5 times every 14 days.

The effect of dermapen on the skin

evens out scars and smaller holes

fills wrinkles with collagen

the circulation of the skin improves and the rosy blush returns

reduces discolouration, the skin becomes tighter

Clinical results


improvement after 2nd treatment


improvement after the 5th treatment

Is dermapen treatment right for you?

Our salon offers several solutions for all skin problems, make an appoitment for a FREE CONSULTATION and ask us for a personalized treatment plan.


The price of dermapen treatment

HUF 19,000 / occasion


3+2 skin rejuvenation pass
HUF 57,000
HUF 11,400 / occasion

Make sure that you follow these instructions during the treatment:


Solariums and sunbathing must be avoided for two weeks after the treatment


Do not use foundation for 48 hours after the treatment


A kezelés napján erősen ki fogsz pirosodni, ami másnapra teljesen elmúlik


A kezelést követően finom hámlást tapasztalhatsz, de ez nem olyan mértékű, hogy mások számára észrevehető lenne, hétköznapjaidat nem befolyásolja

Side effects of Dermapen

DermaPen is a completely safe, risk-free treatment. After the treatment, you may experience intense peeling, which can be easily alleviated with the Aloe Vera gel provided by our salon.



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