Permanent makeup tattoo

Professional team

Our permanent makeup tattoo specialists are constantly training and developing themselves, and pay special attention to choosing the technique, color and shape that best suits your face.

At Wings Beauty Salon, we create tattoos that highlight the beauty of their wearers, perfectly matching their unique features. Our goal is an end result that you can proudly wear day-to-day.

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Lilla Torma


I’m Torma Lilla, I work as a makeup tattooist at Wings Beauty Salon.

I graduated in 2016 as a beautician and threw myself into the world of the beauty industry with great enthusiasm. There was always an art line lurking somewhere in me, so I was already very interested in makeup tattoos during my school years. A dream came true when in 2018 I had the opportunity to train at the Swiss-Austrian Swiss Color Academy and start tattooing. It has become a real love over the years, from which you can never get enough knowledge, get enough training. I always strive to work in a personalized way, to fulfill the wishes of the guests, and to adapt the tattoo to the character and style of the given individual, so that it is in perfect harmony with the face and appearance. It is a huge pleasure for me when my guest leaves contentedly and happily wears my work on his face.


I look forward to seeing you at Wings Beauty Salon!

Torma Lilla

Permanent makeup process

Free consultation 30'

Consultation and visual design

We are committed to accurate and precise work. Our responsibility is enormous since we work on our guests’ faces. That is why in our salon we proceed with the tattooing process after a personal consultation with our new guests.

The consultation provides the opportunity:

– for our guests to get to know our specialists

– for us to get to know our guests’ style and needs

– to show different tattoo techniques

– to make a precise preliminary visual design for our guests

This is how we can make sure that our guests make a calm and conscious decision.

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Choosing the form and the technique - sketching

In each case, the tattoo begins with a precise design. In the course of sketching, after our specialist has learnt about our guest’s request, style and make-up habits, they draw on the exact design of the future tattoo together in front of a mirror. They discuss possible techniques and then they choose the technique and color that best suit the character of the face.

The design of the tattoo is based on precise, strict professional and aesthetic criteria along with our guests’ individual requests.

We have created the design process so that our guests can best imagine what the finished tattoo will look like. The end result of the design is a millimeter-accurate drawing, after which the tattoo will be made only if our guest is satisfied with every single detail.

We always encourage our guests to feel free to bring along and show us images of preferred tattoo styles they may have found online. Also, if our guest usually applies makeup, they should wear makeup when they come to us. This helps our specialist understand our guests’ style.


In our salon, we do everything we can to minimize our guests’ discomfort during tattooing. An anesthetic containing lidocaine is applied both before and throughout the entire tattooing process.

Healing, aftercare

The small wound that forms during tattooing heals in a few days.

For the first two days after tattooing, the tattoo must not be exposed to water at all. The face can only be cleaned with wet wipes.

After that, for two weeks make sure that the area of the tattoo is not exposed to water for a longer period of time and that it is not soaked. The face and the hair can be washed safely, but the tattoo must not be soaked thus swimming pools and saunas must be avoided. UV protection should also be applied in the skin area during the first two weeks.



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Planning guarantee

We guarantee that your permanent makeup will be executed in accordance with the preliminary outline.

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Quality guarantee

Our Swiss pigments and equipment meet the highest professional standards.

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Pigment guarantee

We guarantee that our pigments do not contain any harmful substances.

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We guarantee that during anesthesia, we do our best to minimize the discomfort of the procedure.

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Guarantee of naturalness

We only do natural, high quality and elegant permanent makeup.

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Guarantee of high standards

We guarantee that you will enter a clean and elegant environment and that you will always leave satisfied.

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Permanent makeup tattoo pigments

For our permanent makeup we use pigments developed by Swiss Color, manufactured in Swiss laboratories with great care, available in a wide range of shades, with these skin-friendly and premium quality pigments we can achieve truly natural and personalized colours.

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We will help you if there is a problem!


didn’t you get what you expected?


has your tattoo been ruined?


is your old tattoo bad for many years? gray? red?

Visit our colleague who specializes in eyebrow repairs! The BAKOS Eyebrow Clinic is waiting for you too!
We do nothing less than:


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Are you tired of your incomplete eyebrows?

Do you have a fight with your eyebrows every morning and feel like you have to work a miracle out of nowhere?

We have invented our service for the replacement of incomplete eyebrows!

An important part of our appearance is our eyebrows, as this gives a frame to the face, however, many of us either did not have rich eyebrows in advance, or the coat became incomplete for any external reason. Yet a nice eyebrow can highlight our beneficial features. That’s why we invented this service so that you can be satisfied with your eyebrows again!

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Makeup tattoo prices

Eyebrow – permanent makeup

Consultation and realistic visual design 30'

You can get to know our specialists, and we will answer all your questions about permanent makeup tattoos. We’ll show you the techniques, options, and colors available, and we’ll even create a realistic visual plan, which we’ll take a photo with your own phone. Or we’ll even let you go with the visual design (makeup) that you can show to your partner, girlfriend,…

free of charge

Lilla Torma senior PMU artist
in the case of previously tattooed eyebrows

Lilla Torma senior PMU artist

69 000

Eyebrow -15%
Lilla Torma senior PMU artist
not yet tattooed or in the case of heavily faded tattoos

Lilla Torma senior PMU artist

58 600

Evelin Banyák junior PMU artist

Evelin Banyák junior PMU artist

39 000

Eyelid – permanent makeup

Consultation and realistic visual design 30'

free of charge

Upper eyeliner

57 000

Smokey eye

62 000

Upper lashliner

49 000

+ lower eyelid
for any eyelid technique

+ 10 000

Lip – permanent makeup

Consultation and realistic visual design 30'

free of charge

Contour + half shadow

72 000

Contour + full shadow

78 000

Pearly lip technique

84 000

Second step

Second step
within 12 weeks

15 000

Third step
In rare cases, a third step may be needed to accomplish a tattoo (within 12 weeks)

15 000

Retouch second step
within 12 weeks

15 000

Additional services

Makeup tatto touch ups
Within 15 months
Within 24 months

Touch up of the tattoos made in our salon within 15 months for the 50% of the current price.

The discount can only be used for the original technique and shape. It will be deducted from the current price.

50% of the current price
20% of the current price

When repairing foreign botched tattoos, especially in complicated cases, our specialists may deviate from our prices by + 20%, based on prior consultation.

20% of the current price


free of charge

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