Hair Aid

Hair Aid

– Rescue for your hair

You didn’t get the result you had in mind? Did your hair get broken, yellow, blotchy or a colour different form what you had imagined?


Visit our salon and we will
restore your SELF-CONFIDENCE!

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What kind of problems does Hair Aid Rescue offer solutions for?


Broken, burnt hair


Spotted, striped hair


Green or yellow shades


Dry, tangled hair


Color correction

I know how important it is for you to look inside the mirror with satisfaction and take to the streets to be proud of your hairstyle, so with my team I will be doing our best to help you once the trouble is over.

My salon has a lot of experience in this field, many of my guests have come to me in connection with such a “hair-accident”, so you will be in good hands! 🙂

During the management of the salon, I try to create an atmosphere for my guests where they can put aside their previous experience elsewhere, trust me and my professionals, and as a result of an exciting joint work together we can dream up your new hairstyle and style.

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